ALBATROSS [1/3] by Fleetwood Mac

Difficulty: Purple
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Love this song and thought it would be fun and was just trying out the dual screen thing to see how to do it and then thought I'd use it for the lesson. Peter Green's guitar playing is always sublime and this is a great example of his wonderful touch and musicality.

Broken this down into 3 parts, a cover and then a two-part lesson.

Part 1 - Cover Version (This lesson)
Part 2 - Lesson
Part 3 - Lesson

1979 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top - neck pickup!

Kemper Profiler running M Britts ? can't remember which profile I used, but it's written on my tab notes, will add when back at studio!

Reverb from the Stymon Big Sky, Plate setting, set high. Also using a Spring reverb in the Kemper!



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