SWEET CHILD O MINE [SOLO 1] by Guns 'N' Roses

Difficulty: Green
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This first solo in Sweet Child O Mine is really nice and the only hard bit really is nailing the bends at the end which can be pretty tricky! 


The Series

It's such a mega song I decided to examine all the bits in a short series just on this song!

1 - The Main Riff 
2 - Chords and arrangement of the whole song
3 - First Solo (this lesson)
4 - The Chorus Riff 
5 - Second Solo
6 - The Main Solo - Part 1
7 - The Main Solo - Part 2 (only on the web site, not found on YouTube!)

Getting the Sound

1979 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top - neck pickup!

Kemper Profiler running Top Jimi's AFD 100 profile.

You want to go for a Marshall type amp for this and don't overdo the gain! Settings wise, set everything to 12 o'clock and then you probably want to take out a little mid but otherwise you just need to ride (explore) the gain to get the right amount - it'll be different on every amp so I can't say how much for your exact amp!

Just a little reverb from the Stymon Big Sky.



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