Sex Machine by James Brown

James Brown had the best guys in his bands and this song has the legend Catfish Collins (brother of bass legend Bootsy Collins) on guitar playing a super cool part!

If you're not sure about playing your 9th chord then check out this 9th Chord lesson from The Funk Course.


Additional Info

Main Groove

D . . . D . . . D . . U . . . .
1 e + a 2 e + a 3 e + a 4 e + a  

Bridge Groove

D U . . D U . U . U . U . . . .
1 e + a 2 e + a 3 e + a 4 e + a   

For this lesson I'm using my Suhr Classic with pickup selector in position 4 (split bridge humbucker and middle together). The orginal sounds more like a Telecaster to me, but there's still a strange electronic interference at my studio and my tele picks it up too much!

I'm using the Kemper Profiler for this lesson using the 62 Luxe Reverb profile by M Britt.

Just a bit of reverb in the Kemper.