YOU'VE GOT A FRIEND by James Taylor

James Taylor is one of the finest acoustic guitar players to have ever graced the planet, and combined with his great voice and superb songwriting it's no surprise that he's had such a long and sucessful career. He's one of my all time favourites and I love learning his songs, hope you will too.

This song was written by the great Carole King who did a great version herself too, and her album Tapestries is a proper awesome album and should be checked out if you have not heard it.

The left hand fingerings used by JT are a little different, he has a quite an unconventional style of chord grips, which you can look up yourself if you feel so inclined. I teach it here just using conventional grips.

JT does some lessons on his site too and it's pretty awesome to get it right from the man, though I feel he passes over bits I really wanted to know about a little quickly sometimes.