GOING DOWN SLOW by Jimmy Witherspoon

Difficulty: Yellow
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The first time I heard this standard tune was on a live album by Robben Ford and Jimmy Witherspoon, imho it's one of the best blues guitar albums ever, get it now!! Mr Witherspoon sings it great, and on guitar is a very young Robben Ford who tears it up so good it's scary...

That said there are many great versions of this song, a great idea is to look up on Spotify and see how many versions you can find and listen to them all!!

Playing it can be real simple strumming or you can make it more complex and add in a load of fills and stuff... of course you can change the key around too as long as you stick to the right changes.

Hope you dig it! 


Intro Tab

Lotta people asking about the intro... so here it is :) you should be able to catch the fingering on the video, but basically the thinnest string is played by the little finger. notes on strings 4 and 2 are played with fingers 3 and 4 the first time and then with a 1st finger bar for the rest... at the end is simply a D7 chord!




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