Gravity [RHYTHM] by John Mayer

John Mayer’s playing is pretty much always top-notch and outstanding, and this song is no exception. “Gravity” comes off of one of his more popular albums, “Continuum,” which many people consider to be prime John Mayer. This song, in particular, seems to have a its own special bit of renown. The song features some super tasty Hendrix-inspired rhythm parts alongside some lovely, simple melodic solos.

For this lesson, we’re only going to be going over the basic chord structure of the tune, as well as some embellishments here and there. However, you’ll have to switch over to this lesson for the solos. Before you do that, though, give the solos a go on your own! They’re not too terribly difficult to figure out, and after you’ve gone through this lesson, the key and chord patterns should help to guide you through the solos. It’s great practice for your ear and it will help you get a bit more acquainted with your fret board.

Some of the chords in this might use some fingerings you either might not be familiar with as yet or you may not be comfortable playing. No problem – you can always find a fingering that makes more sense for you and your physicality. Yes, a lot of playing guitar is about practice, but there are some aspects where the fingers you were born with will play a significant role! In John Mayer’s case, he has his famous thumb that he’s able to work around the neck of his guitar with greater ease than most of us can manage, so we sometimes have to get creative when attempting to perform one of his songs.