Gravity [SOLOS] by John Mayer

What a beautiful, tasty solo we’ve got here from John Mayer, and honestly, we should never expect any less from this guy.

First off, in case you missed the first part of this foray into “Gravity,” check out this video here for the chords and rhythm parts.

Secondly, before you even watch this video, give the solos a go on your own first! The notes themselves are not too terribly difficult to figure out, but there are a ton of subtleties throughout that really make a difference in the final product. There’s so much more to music than just notes, after all.

Give the original track another listen and pay super close attention to the slides and the embellishments, which notes are accented and which are played more softly, where he lingers and where he moves the melody along, etc. These are things you can’t get from seeing the notes on a page, but if you use your ear, you’ll pick them up just fine. I think you’ll be surprised by what you’re able to come up with.

I will say, if you’ve ever wanted to hear a guitar sing, this is how it’s done right here. There’s a proper finesse that Mayer’s using in these solos, and there certainly is plenty for us to learn from. Of course, as a singer would do when covering a song, feel free to let your own voicing come through as you play.

After you’ve attempted it on your own, come back to this video and see how well you did!