Vultures by John Mayer

Man, this song is FUN.

“Vultures” by John Mayer – it’s finally here! This song has been massively, massively requested by you all. John Mayer's songs can be a little intimidating for some players, but this one isn’t too difficult, really. The tricky part with it is to get into the groove of the song so that it doesn’t feel or sound too clunky and awkward.

In this lesson, we’ll go over the main riff, the second overdubbed guitar part, and finally, the two solos. Both of them have got some fun, interesting things going on.

The Main Riff

Moving all the way up the neck, you’re going to start the main riff on the 14th fret. In typical John Mayer fashion, there are a few filler-type percussive hits going on that all contribute to the overall groove. To get the rhythm down, I’ve written out the counts for you, but it certainly helps if you’re already familiar with the song.

Second Guitar Part

This is a super small, subtle little overdub, but it adds a nice lift to the parts of the song where you can hear it.

First Solo

I’ve got it here using fingerpicking, but you could probably get it done with a pick if you prefer. There are a few hammer-ons and flick-offs throughout the solo but getting the right notes down isn’t the problem here. Especially for less experienced players, the trick here is to get the right inflections and tones throughout the solo.

Second Solo

This solo definitely has a bit more meat to it than the first one! Such a great solo, full of bends, vibrato, and really exciting rhythms. I love playing it.

Check out me and boys, Dave Marks and Jonny Finnigan, doing a cover of it, too! :)