BLACK DOG by Led Zeppelin

Difficulty: Blue
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Such an awesome riff this. Jimmy Page is the master :)

The main riff should not prove too difficult, but after the verse when the drums and guitar start trying to whoop each other it gets a bit tricky. It goes into a little odd time bit, which to tell the truth I still ain't got properly figured out, but it seems the drums stay in 4:4 and the guitar and bass riff out and move things about... gets kinda tricky.

But if you follow the advice I give you about pick direction you will hopefully find it a whole lot easier!

Once you get it, be sure to play along with the track at half speed so you get the feel right, I use a program called Transcribe! for this, but there are others available too... I think playing along slow and then gradually speeding it up is the best way to get awkward riffs down!

I'd love to see some video responses of you guys playing this song! If you make it a video response to this song I will do my best to go check it out and give you feedback!



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