ALWAYS ON THE RUN by Lenny Kravitz

Difficulty: Green
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I loved this period for Lenny Kravitz, raw, edgy, funky as a feck and twice as cool.

This riff is great fun to play - and if you have a jam buddy or a looper pedal why don't you try and get that cool second guitar part going too - it's very simple A minor pentatonic followed by an A9 chord up on the 12th fret.

One of the strings sounds a touch out of tune, which is odd cos I'm pretty fussy about tuning usually, but this one slipped through somehow, sorry about that!

This is a great tune to work on your string muting cos with a bit of distortion it's real easy to hear any open strings that ring out if you are not careful about your picking and muting! So turn it up and add distortion to see if you really nailed it!

Write it out in your own tab if you struggle to get it from the video - just use the blank tab.  

This is my '79 Gold Top into a Zen Drive into the old Fender Super Champ. Bridge pickup, can't recall all the settings. Sorry!



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