HALLELUJAH by Leonard Cohen

Difficulty: Orange
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I love this tune, amazing, and I'm sure you will dig it too!

Personal favourite cover is probably the one by Rufus Wainwright but worth checking out lots of covers of it and maybe it will help you make 'your own' cover :) 


That other chord

So When I have a G chord going to E then to Aminor, I often play a E/G#, which is simply an E chord with a G# in the bass... simply because I like the bass movement going G, G#, A. If you want to do that too then use this chord TAB: 4 x 2 4 5 0 which is a bit stretchy and not the kind of thing I normally show beginners and I'm only putting it here cos I played it that way and figured some of you might want to know why I play it different to how I taught it!




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