ENTER SANDMAN by Metallica

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So Rock Season begins with the all time classic Enter Sandman by Metallica. It's great fun to play - easy enough for many beginners to have a crack at but with enough stuff going on for intermediate players to enjoy too!

This is my Suhr Classic Antique. I'm using Pickup Position 5 (bridge) which has a high gain humbucker pickup. Volume on 10 but back the volume off (and or change sound) for the clean parts.

Using The Kemper Profiler, a profile by M Britt called Mesa Dual Rec R6. I didn't need to tweak the tone at all, treble mid and bass all in the midday position.

You will need quite a lot of gain for a song like this but how much you get from your amp will depend on the model. You'll probably have the gain on 10 or you'll need to use an effects pedal.

EQ wise you might like to add a little tops and cut a little mids, but again it depends on your guitar and amp - so try it and make sure you're ears (not your eyes) help you get it right!

For the clean sound I used another a profile by Pat Bowser called Roland JC120.

A little reverb in the Kemper (turned down slightly from the preset).

But you might want to be using a distortion pedal if you don't get enough from your amp (or a combination of both!).

For the clean sound (intro) I'm using a light Chorus effect - remind me and I'll write the settings down, but frankly I forgot at the studio today and typing this at home!



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