Nothingman by Pearl Jam

Ok - I've been playing this song for years. Always with that feeling that 'there was something not quite right,' though. Now, I've finally got it! It's a little detail, but that makes the whole difference…

Anyway, in this lesson, we'll learn how to (really!) play Nothingman by Pearl Jam. That's an awesome song from the Vitalogy album, with lovely chords.

Nothingman sounds great on electric guitar, but you'll also have loads of fun playing it on acoustic. It's a 6:8 time song, and we'll learn how to strum it and explore some rhythm dynamics too!

Nothingman by Pearl Jam: Capo & Tuning

You'll need the capo on the 5th fret. Then, we've got a little trick for the tuning: the B string should be tuned up as well, so the note under the capo is an F! So, with the capo on, the tuning will be: A, D, G, C, F, F. 

Want to play and sing along?

Eddie Vedder has an incredible voice range - and it can be really tricky to cover some of his songs! Nothigman goes really high at some point… I can't do it!

So, in this lesson, we'll also explore a few ways of playing this tune and singing along (without sounding too bad!) As I always say: when covering a song, don't feel you have to do just like the original. Put your personality - and voice range! - on it too. ;)