Common People by Pulp

Only 3 chords in this one and even with real easy strumming you can play along and this tune will sound ace.

Adding in the "Pumping 8th note" strumming might seem quick, but it'll come pretty easy with a little practice - but remember not to hurry it - wait until you can do the chord changes fast enough to not pause between them. The vast majority of stage 1 players would not be comfortable with that... I would recommend coming back and trying that after maybe Stage 3, but of course a lot depends on how you are developing and how much practice you put in.

Capo Position... :( the first edition of the book says Capo 2, but it needs to be on the 3rd fret. There were bound to be a few errors sneak in, but I'm a bit bummed I missed this one. Sorry. The 1st edition guys, get the proof that I make mistakes too.

Hope you dig it!