Go With The Flow by Queens Of The Stone Age

Queens of the Stone Age (commonly QOTSA) is one of those late-90s bands that really capture the feel from that era, but Josh is still rocking - a superb musician and songwriter. A little harder than some of their “alternative” contemporaries, though. They love a good power chord.

So, here we have “Go With the Flow,” a tune that is, true to form, great for practising your power chords. There’s not a whole lot to this one on a basic level. There are two simple four-bar progressions, but that 8th-note picking will give your wrist a good workout. You’ll want to make sure you’re keeping a steady beat throughout - take it slow and work up to being able to play along with the original recording.

Also, if you’re not super comfortable with palm mutes as yet, give this one a go (and check out my lesson on them here). The palm mutes help to give the song some dynamism without taking away from the overall energy of it, not to mention they break the song up a bit so that it’s not just full on for four minutes - we all need dynamic changes here and there to keep us into the music.

Speaking of layers, there are a couple of instances where a riff is played over the chord progression. If you try to work the riffs into your version, you might run into some difficulty. This is a situation where, in a band, one guitarist would play the rhythm guitar part while another plays some more melodic parts. However you work it out for yourself, for some, I’ve given you both parts to give you a start.