FELL ON BLACK DAYS by Soundgarden

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I was greatly saddened by the passing of the great Chris Cornell, singer and songwriter for Soundgarden and Audioslave, bands that were a huge influence on me in my late teens. He really was one of the finest rock singers to grace the planet, check out the acoustic version of this song below, simply outstanding!

This song is a fun one to play and is in 6:4 time though some sections I find easier to think in terns of 3 bars of 4 beats, rather than 2 bars of 6 beats... both add up to 12 beats so it's not a deal whichever way you look at it!

Hope you enjoy playing it and raise a glass to CC when you do, so sad when someone with so much to offer (and a wonderful family) falls on dark times and doesn't make it though. But he's left an incredible musical legacy which will live on...

1969 Gibson 335

Kemper Profiler, M Britt profile "65 London L1 7", lowered gain a little and boosted Treble and Presence.

Reverb in Kemper as it came on preset!




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