JOSIE by Steely Dan

Difficulty: Red
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I love Steely Dan, catchy but complex and they get the best of the best playing on the records... and it was Larry that played Josie. There are lots of serious players on that album.

This intro I found interesting cos it doesn't sound quite right, but it is. It's special. And the chord sequence at the end is one of the nicest examples of voice leading ever.

Larry Carlton is not only a great player but a great educator too - he's got quite a few great instructional things going on - there is an awesome video I've not seen in year but loved in my teens where he goes over extended arpeggios with Terry Trotter on keys... and more recently a great series from Truefire, Mr 335.

Recommended Listening for Steely Dan: Aja, Royal Scam
Recommended listening for LC: Last Night - it's live, one of the best guitar records of all time!!! yes THAT good.

Write it out in your own tab if you struggle to get it from the video - just use the blank tab.

Hope you dig it.



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