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This is a lovely song, from one of my all time favourite albums (Ten Summoner's Tales). The version we look for this beginner series is a little simplified, the original parts are quite complex and played on a nylon string by the amazing guitarist Dominic Miller.

We are using Capo 2 which I think works really well and I'm sure you will enjoy it.


More advanced chord melody fun (not for beginners!!)

A fun thing to try with this song is to play it as a chord melody arrangement... I often use this song to teach chord melody arranging. So if you fancy trying something like this then a good trick for this song is to start with an Eminor shape chord (capo 7 to stay at pitch with the recording) which will put the first melody note on the 3rd fret of the thinnest string (it's important to get the melody up on the thin strings!). Have a go and see if you can work out how to play the chords with the new capo position (you will start with an E minor grip, and have to leave off the sus 2, just play regular minor! The F will be a C shape... you work out the rest). Then work out how to play the melody, I already told you the starting note... then see if you can combine them... It should be hard if it's your first time trying, it just takes practice like everything else. 




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