From Me To You by The Beatles

Ah, The Beatles. They’re always fun to play around with because their songs are varied, but interesting. Their chord progressions and the sounds that they were able to create were so original that they’ve become iconic “Beatles” sounds. “From Me to You” is one of those classically Beatles songs.

This is a great one for intermediate players, especially if you’re looking for more practice with your barre chords - this tune will help you if you’re struggling with getting in and out of them. Notably, there’s a G minor barre chord in there, and I’m sorry to say, there’s really no way around it.

When it comes to barre chords, you need to be careful not to fatigue your first finger too much. If you feel it getting weaker or if the chords just aren’t sounding as good as they were when you first started practising, take a break! Give it a rest and come back to it. And don’t feel bad – it’s a totally normal thing that happens to the best of us. Over time, you’ll build up your stamina.

This particular acoustic version of the song is a bit “strummier” than the original Beatles version of the song, so I’ve given you a few strumming options. This is a good one to practice accenting beats 2 and 4 throughout the song, but feel free to get creative. Maybe try playing it a bit more low-key in the verses and then ramping it up for the chorus. Plenty of room to play around here!