ANGIE by The Rolling Stones

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Here we have “Angie” by the Rolling Stones – an all-time classic featuring one of the finest acoustic guitar intros ever, played by the legendary Keith Richards! A very special thanks to Steve Elson from the Counterfeit Stones for joining me for this one!

There are some quite tricky bits in this song, especially where the timing in the intro is concerned, but if you’ve got the JustinGuitar Vintage Songbook, I’ve got it all TAB’d out for you there. If you don’t have the songbook, you can always TAB it out yourself – I’ve got some blank TAB sheets here that you can print out. I know a lot of us tend to learn songs by watching and listening, but when it comes to these more complex tunes, seeing it all written out really does make a world of difference

Another thing that will certainly help is playing through the intro quite slowly at first. Also, play along with the original recording! If you need to, play it at half-speed at first, just to make sure you get all of the funny timings spot on. 

This song is definitely one for some intricate strumming and picking patterns which will take some work, especially when incorporating the patterns with the wonky rhythms. I find that even when I play it now, I tend to play certain parts differently each time I run through them, so find what works for you and what you’re comfortable with. There are plenty of melody lines and riffs where this will be a factor, so as the kids say, “do you!” Just try to at least stay consistent – unlike me! :)

Don’t get discouraged with this one, either. It took me quite a bit of practice to get it down well enough to where I was happy with it, so just go into it knowing it might take some time. Try working each section at a time and getting it really nice and clean before moving on to the next. Always remember to be patient with yourself - it’ll be worth it in the end!





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