THE LAST TIME by The Rolling Stones

Difficulty: Blue
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An all time classic Rolling Stones song, really nice parts and a lot of fun to play.

The key thing in this song is the groove - you gotta play along with the original recording loads and try to absorb the feel of it - that is where it's at!

Gibsoin ES-335, Bridge Pickup, All knobs on 10.

Kemper Profiler, M Britt profile "Luxe 6", lowered gain, lowered bass to off! and boosted Treble and Presence.

Reverb in Kemper as it came on preset, and a delay which was too long and I'm peeved at myself that I didn't hear it when doing the lesson, only when editing, otherwise I would have turned it down! I was trying to brighten the reverb by adding a short delay with no bass, but it doesn't sound great :(


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