Wild Horses [OPEN G] by The Rolling Stones

Recently, I was listening to a live studio recording of one of my favourite Rolling Stones songs, Wild Horses. I’m sure many of you will agree with me when I say that this is such a nice, simple tune – beautiful “guitar weaving” on the original, a fairly simple chord structure, and great lyrics over top.

While the original song is in Open E tuning, I’d always played it in standard tuning just to save myself the extra trouble of retuning my guitar. For this acoustic version, though, they’ve done it in Open G, which I think is definitely worth any extra hassle. It’s an interesting choice – it creates a different tone for the overall song, but it does a good job of keeping the essence of the original while warming it up a bit.

Beyond learning some different chord structures and finger patterns than what you may already be used to, many of the shapes will likely be familiar to you. There are a few *easy* bar chords, and of course, an open G chord, assuming you’ve done a good job on your tuning. If you’re not too experienced with Open G tuning, I’ve done a video on it that should be helpful!

I was really excited to do this song as a lesson, and I hope you all enjoy learning it as much as I enjoyed teaching it. Cheers!