SILENT NIGHT by Xmas Classic

Difficulty: Orange
Views: 139,470

This fun chord melody arrangement of Silent Night is designed for beginners, it's very easy, but requires some fingerpicking and moving up the neck a bit, but it's fun, beginners should go for it!

Click here to download a TAB pdf file of Silent Night

Click here to download a GuitarPro file of Silent Night

The TAB will help you know where to put your fingers and which strings to pick and the GuitarPro version is great to use it as a play along because you can slow the tempo right down and hear it as well as see it, and it's a lot more fun than playing along with a metronome! Check your dashboard (you need to be logged in) to get a discount on GuitarPro7 from me! 

Hope you enjoy it and I wish you a wonderful Xmas and the very best for the new year :)



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